Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Different Breed

There is a different breed of person out there, and I met with one of them yesterday. The best way I can describe this individual is that he was a burly man comfortable in his own skin who confidently marches to the rhythm of his own drum. He does not need Facebook to define his identity nor a cell phone to complete him. There is not a stitch of fear within him nor any refrain from working hard. He is a simple man and a genuine provider with his family being his only motivation. Spare time for this man is never spent on the couch counting pixels on his television, he spends it instead working with raw materials producing handmade knives. This man is truly a different breed from the normal ebb and flow of our society, someone to take note of and someone to honor for daring to be himself. After meeting with this individual I began to ask myself if I too am a different breed of person. Besides my tenacious work ethic and disdain for Facebook, I trek through mountains in my spare time. My trekking consists of running double digit miles. Whether it is raining, sleeting, or snowing day or night I make my treks through the local mountains. Besides my trekking, I also tend to stick out a bit around the office with my polite declines of eating donuts and going out on fast food outings. I'm also not a fan of movies and am rather clueless on the latest television shows and entertainment news; I simply just don't care. I guess you can say I am a person of a different sort and run to the beat of my own song.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Aristotle's concept of eudaemonia is the pursuit of a well-lived life. Without delving deep into his philosophical idea, it is basically the pursuit of happiness through virtue rather than through material acquisition. It is believed one cannot truly be happy in life with the acquisition of wealth, power, and beauty alone and must lead a life of virtue and good character in order to achieve true happiness. Fast forwarding Aristotle's idea into our modern day and one can quickly surmise we have by and large become a hedonistic society in pursuit of material acquisition at the expense of virtue and good character. Today's society has become consumed with the pursuit of a comfortable life, a life free of pain, challenges, and adversity. As a result, people have become weak, soft, and lazy barely able to cope with life without prescription drugs like Zoloft, Paxil, or Lunesta (not to mention the legalization of marijuana). Whenever we get a healthy dose of life we should embrace the pain and adversity instead of avoiding it, for these type of experiences is where our strength and character is built. When we overcome life challenges we become fearless and confident that we can handle anything that comes our way without cowering back into our comfortable corners. It is when we overcome that we truly experience a well-lived life.