Friday, October 17, 2014

My Season of Running recap

My season of running has been a wonderful experience that has brought on many changes in my outlook on life and running. During this season I learned to slow down and stop on occasion to smell the roses, quite literally. As I worked through some nagging injuries I realized my focus on running should never have been on the next race, but rather on the experience of the journey (translated: I allowed myself to walk when needed). This epiphany of slowing down to enjoy my journey on planet earth led me to run barefooted through grassy fields like a little kid. This was a very freeing experience as I got to enjoy the simplicity of life, all by simply running for miles through the grassy fields. I quickly fell in love with running barefooted and soon transitioned into the Altra Zero Drop shoes, which simulate barefoot running and allowed me to continue running like a kid; by the way, the Altra Lone Peak shoes are simply the best trail shoe ever. Anyways, as I continued further into my season of running I rediscovered the welcoming factor of the trails. The trails have once again engulfed me, drawing me into their arms, accepting me for exactly who I am without judgement or prejudice. I have once again been set free from this world and allowed once again to run free. 

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