Monday, October 27, 2014


It appears everyone has to have all the latest and greatest these days. They'll wait in line and jump at the chance to get their hands on the next hottest iGadget with all the bells and whistles that will surely make they're lives better. We now have a near inactive society of zombies wandering around with their heads down staring at a pale blue light in the palm of their hands. Instead of genuine face to face interactions with one another we have succumbed to a gimmick style reality that has slowly been sucking the life out of us. Rather than venturing to the top of a mountain to enjoy breathtaking views, people opt for the view from Instagram or Facebook instead. Some of our best interactions are performed through self absorbed postings on the internet that stroke our egos to a barely present electronic audience posting the same about themselves; it appears any genuine interest of another in their presence is a rarity nowadays. This observation has me concerned and I am seriously thinking about opting out of my iWorld and get back into life. I recognize the mild need for a standard cell phone, and as I was looking into downgrading to a simpler cell phone, I quickly discovered that the smartphone has taken over the market. My consumer choices was either a smartphone or a smartphone, which of course comes with the mandated data plan. It would seem we have been herded like cattle to go into a particular direction unbeknown to us the perilous direction we are heading. This type of iLife is not for me. Sure, I admit I have learned to appreciate apps like Runstastic and Lose It, and the convenience of online banking, but there was a time I was able to live just fine without them. Do I dare revert back into life as I knew it, or continue embracing our modern day iLife Apple has created. Can I reteach myself to calculate my miles by mapping out my runs and using a simple little watch rather than relying on a GPS app? Can I regain my lost ability to listen to the natural signs my body puts forth to refuel and rehydrate instead of relying on an app to tell me what to eat and when to drink water? Do I even dare think about severing the iPhone from my right hand in order to experience the true essence of life? Do I dare not to? 

Friday, October 17, 2014

My Season of Running recap

My season of running has been a wonderful experience that has brought on many changes in my outlook on life and running. During this season I learned to slow down and stop on occasion to smell the roses, quite literally. As I worked through some nagging injuries I realized my focus on running should never have been on the next race, but rather on the experience of the journey (translated: I allowed myself to walk when needed). This epiphany of slowing down to enjoy my journey on planet earth led me to run barefooted through grassy fields like a little kid. This was a very freeing experience as I got to enjoy the simplicity of life, all by simply running for miles through the grassy fields. I quickly fell in love with running barefooted and soon transitioned into the Altra Zero Drop shoes, which simulate barefoot running and allowed me to continue running like a kid; by the way, the Altra Lone Peak shoes are simply the best trail shoe ever. Anyways, as I continued further into my season of running I rediscovered the welcoming factor of the trails. The trails have once again engulfed me, drawing me into their arms, accepting me for exactly who I am without judgement or prejudice. I have once again been set free from this world and allowed once again to run free.