Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Rediscovery

Lately I have been nursing an injury worried about my amateur running career to the point of obsession. Scott Jurek I am not so I had to rekindle, or discover, my run. I have ditched any form of a running regimen or training plan and started going out to just simply run, nothing more. No longer do I track my time or pace and I now run without regard to the miles I am running. Basically I just go out and run. In my process of rekindling I have rediscovered my adventure. Now whenever I embark running on the trails I am engulfed into the experience and not into some training endeavor. I have rediscovered the simple joys of life like inhaling the scents of honeysuckle or fresh pine needles as I glide along through the forest. Simply backing off from a running regimen has allowed me to rekindle the joy of pausing to gaze at mountaintop views while vultures gracefully glide just overhead. My moments on the trails have become an undisturbed stillness that can never be extinguished, my secret place in the world where I can be me without fear of judgement or repercussions. Running the trails has ultimately been discovering my place in the world, in the universe, that I and nature are interwoven and connected in deeply meaningful ways. 

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