Saturday, May 10, 2014

One More Left?

There are many factors to trail running, everything from proper nutrition and hydration to proper running gear and attire. Trail running also has many dynamics to it, everything from challenging factors to the perfect zen moment (or runner's high if you so prefer). The trails also have a way of drawing you in and calling you back for more; more miles, more scenic views, and more exploration. My legs have carried me over 1,200 miles of trails last year, and the year before that; in fact, the previous two years before the trails were spent an average of running 1,200 miles of asphalt per year. I have basically ran nearly 5,000 miles in the last four years, and I am wondering if it is beginning to show. Lately my legs have grown tired and stiff which has caused me to contemplate if this is a reconditioning/recovery phase or if my body is needing a season of rest; and when I say rest I basically mean tapering off from the big double digit miles. The thought occurred to me today that I may only have one more big race in me, and when I say big, I am referring to marathons plus. Is there a shifting of activity gears in my future, or will my body fully bounce back for yet another round of endurance trail running? Dare as I might, if there is only one big race left in me may it be the ultra-marathon, a full blown 50 miler. Why the ultra? I suspect it'll provide the ultimate athletic adventure and memories of a lifetime. I am certain it'll provide never ending bragging rights as I would become one of the elite of the elite in the class of athleticism; only 0.00005% of Americans successfully finish the ultra-marathon distance each year. This is certainly a decision that only time will determine if I have one more left.

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