Wednesday, April 16, 2014

more than a million

It is estimated that a million earths can fit inside the sun and that nine billion suns can fit inside VY Canis Majoris.


This perspective of our planet only reminds me just how small we really are in this vast universe. If you stop and think about it, our significance is rather minute since we basically sit like a speck of dust in the corner of the universe. Ever since our existence it has boggled our minds as to why we are here, and yet to this very day there is still no ready answer, just opinions. As cognitive beings we have developed empathy, which has given us the ability to connect with one another, thus giving our lives a sense of meaning. When all our haughty self delusions are stripped away the only thing we have left is each other. Ultimately we cling to each other through our life journey regardless of our status on this planet; we cling because of our commonalities, we cling because of our determination to survive, we cling because we've learned to care. Why are we here? No one really truly knows, but we are here nevertheless on this amazing planet within an  unpropitious universe. We are here with each other and each other is all we have.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Slow Recovery

My slow recovery is weighing in on my spirit since my muscle strain restricts me to running only four miles. If I attempt anymore miles than that my muscle strain reminds me that I'm on the path of a greater injury if I push it, so I listen to body and don't. Taking the Jeep out the other day down the fire station roads in the Daniel Boone National Forest gave me glimpses of some of the trails I had previously ran. My heart sank a bit. You see, I have a deep longing to run the trails for miles on end but I am unable to do so at this stage in my recovery, but I needed to be engulfed in the natural surroundings the forest offers, so off in the Jeep I went. A drive to the end of the fire station road ended deep into the woods which led to a little bit of hiking. There I stood among thousands of trees as the deafening silence became a therapeutic session for my soul. It was as if the world suddenly paused and everything therein was alright. This is a familiar place in the world I love to embrace and apparently need to visit on a frequent basis.