Thursday, March 27, 2014

Left in Waiting

The strenuous trail conditions added on top of 26.2 miles caused a severe muscle strain in my upper right thigh leaving me in a longer recovery stage than I anticipated. For the last two plus weeks I have been engaging in the typical functions of athletic recovery (i.e. stretching, foam rolling, icing, heating, lite cross-fit, and soft jogging). During this phase I have been passing my time away with various forms of modern media (i.e. iPhone apps/games, Twitter, Pandora radio, junk emails, and television), which I am getting pretty sick of. My time prior to this phase was spent alone out on the trails without any source media plugged into my ears; I run media naked, meaning, I never listen to music while I run. I am longing for those lengthy periods of time spent out on the trails away from all the media junk, but I do not want to over extend myself during this phase due to running the risk of further injury. Needless to say I have been growing a bit frustrated and a tad dishearten. Thoughts of alternative adventures have been swirling around in my head, everything from backpacking to canoeing; I have even considered mountain bike riding. My spirit is restless and my heart is longing for an active adventure, but my body is restricting me at the moment to advance into my next running adventure. Patience in this area of my life is difficult to manage, but patient I must be. 

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