Friday, February 28, 2014

Love/Hate Relationship

There is a love/hate relationship happening with winter right about now. The majority of the people in the US who has been experiencing the harsh winter conditions this year would all concur that winter just need to get the heck on out of here with its polar vortex subzero temps and it's never ending snow covered icy days; not to mention the high energy bills too! Well, today as I stood at the foot of the trailhead gazing up at the snow covered mountaintop, everything felt strangely different than it had in many similar days before. As the wind whisked the falling snow around my head I felt a type drawing to become a part of the winter scenery that was being produced right before my eyes. As I began running the trails at the base of the mountain I felt like I was being engulfed into a world only found in dreams. The fresh unadulterated snow quietly rested on every crag and branch creating a breathtaking scenery only found in photos, but today, even a photo would do no justice for what I was seeing. When I finally reached the first pinnacle point I noticed that the new pine growth on the baby pines were cradling snow within their upward bound needles creating the affect of giant snowflakes being suspended in mid-flight. As my wintery trek continued along the mountain ridge I felt privileged to be experiencing the wonders and raw beauty of nature. You see, many people on a day like this remain bundled up in their humble abodes and I couldn't help but feeling sorry for them for missing out on such a wonderful experience. When I finally reached the fourth pinnacle point I was stunned to be greeted by 35+ vultures circling just overhead. The gracefulness of their flight was mesmerizing and the moment was almost magical. As I made my decent off the mountain I roused many robins along the way, a sure sign spring is on it's way; this sort of made me a little sad, though I won't miss my high energy bills, I will miss running in a winter wonderland.

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