Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love Your Journey

I have officially entered into the tapering stage in my preparation for my upcoming trail marathon. In less than two weeks I will be making the final trek of my adventure (26.2 miles), and what an adventure it has been! This is not only the time I greatly reduce my mileage to allow my body to recover and recharge, but a time to contemplate what is ahead. Nerves can easily bundle during this time and questions surrounding properly preparing typically abound, but strangely enough I am not currently experiencing any of this. During this tapering stage I am feeling rather calm and I suspect it is because I have grown comfortable being on the trails. Whenever I venture off into the mountains/forest I am absorbed into a this peacefulness beyond measure. No matter the conditions of the trails, the type of weather occurring, or what day or night it is, the trails are always my place of serenity. As I reflect where I have been on my adventure, and where it will take me, I have realized that I have come full circle from where I started. I began my journey running the trails for the shear enjoyment and after all of my preparation I have discovered that I am still running the trails for the shear enjoyment of it all. Basically it comes down to this. Whatever adventure you are on, love the journey.

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