Friday, February 7, 2014

for the experience of it all

The other day someone remarked on how dedicated I was in pursuing my athletic goal of running a marathon and made the comment, "It just goes to show you, if someone wants it bad enough they'll do whatever it takes." After pausing for a moment I felt obligated to correct their incorrect view of me. I politely informed them that even though I am entered to run in a trail marathon next month I actually do not have any athletic goals. I explained that it has more to do about experiencing an adventure than it does with meeting some athletic goal. For example, just the other day I ventured out into the wintry mountains of Kentucky. The trails were laced with snow and ice as I started my ascent and it didn't take long before the whole mountainside was glistening. I was soon greeted by bowing trees ladened with ice and I quickly found myself running through frosted white tunnels of winter. My wintery mountain run suddenly became an amazing adventure only found in magazine pictures. As I crested the mountain I found myself engulfed by frozen fog, or this amazingly thick cloud, that shrouded me in white. Suddenly it felt like I was running in an ice cube and it was eerily beautiful. As I continued running along the mountain's razor edge clinking and crackling sounds began to drown out the wintry silence causing a shower of shimmering diamonds to rain upon me. My heart rate increased and my pace quickened in fear of something greater hammering down on my head. Though my descent was soon rewarded with my point of refuge, I was also saddened for having to end my ice cube experience, but I drove off satisfied knowing my journey will continue on another day.

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