Monday, January 13, 2014

The Red Carpet versus Muddy Trails

The top news story today was that the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards had gotten wet due to some sprinkler system malfunction. Panic ensued  as organizers attempted to dry out the carpet before the movie stars arrived, well because, we certainly cannot have them walking on wet carpet. In retrospect to our recent arctic thaw followed by a significant amount of rainfall this seemed a bit ridiculous. The trails have been nothing short of a soupy sloppy muddy mess with zero opportunities of avoidance, unless of course I opt for staying at home to watch someone else engage in a sports activity (but where's the fun in that?). Isn't it rather funny that someone would not even dare walk across soggy carpet while I'm out there trudging miles through the muddy backwoods? The worth of differences is found in the destination. The red carpet leads to a world of make believe whereas the soupy sloppy muddy trail leads to the top of the world; well, at least to a mountaintop with breathtaking views. 

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