Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The places I run

The morning was crisp and cold when I took off running down the unfamiliar trail. These moments often provide for a more adventurous run because of the unknown awaiting before me, and today did not disappoint. Usually unfamiliar trails here in Kentucky yield monstrous climbs averaging a mile or more straight up a side of a mountain, but today I was greeted by a well groomed rolling trail instead. The snow covered pathway zigged and zagged lazily through the forest valley leading me through creek beds and pines before taking my breath away when I arrived at the frozen waters edge. The trail continued along the waters edge of what eventually became a massive lake that shimmered and glistened at me through the pines. As the miles progressed I was gradually engulfed by the peacefulness most everyone pursues and the calmness that followed was unrelenting. This was the moment when I arrived at the place where the affairs of the world could never touch me, a place where I am as free as I ever could be, a place I plan to revisit often. 

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