Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Dreadmill

Old man winter has taken over the region forcing me to live in an arctic tundra for several days. The cold has been brutal and unrelenting to the least and has done a fair job at keeping my eager spirit indoors; I mean, who can honestly go out and run in subzero temperatures? Not me! So on day one of this arctic blast I opted for a crossfit day at the house; if you're not familiar with crossfit check out Anyways, on the second day of this arctic blast I was once again forced to stay indoors. In order to stay on track for my marathon preparation I mustered up everything I had within me to take my run to the treadmill, or what I would prefer to call the dreadmill. There have been studies on the differences between running on the treadmill versus road running, and even though I tend to agree that they are absolutely not the same, I dislike the treadmill for much greater reasons; the insanity factor. There I was in a confined area running in place going nowhere. There was no scenery, no breeze, no birds, no squirrels, no fresh air, no trees, no clouds, no sun, and absolutely no motivation. There I was running in a musty gym with a mirrored wall right before me and a television hanging directly overhead. Can you say "ugh"? It was awful and you should be feeling sorry for me. The only positive factor was the last time I ran on a treadmill was nearly two years ago and it will likely be another two years until I do it again. 

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