Friday, January 3, 2014

No New Year Resolution Required

It's that time of year again where we begin to see those trendy New Year resolutions. The yearly usuals are those hopeful 24 hour attempts to quit smoking along with the ever present desire to lose weight. I certainly commend every worthy attempt, but all too often people fall off the wagon as quickly as they got on. This is also the time of year when there is an influx in gym memberships which ultimately meet their demise by mid-March with the declination of gym attendance. These yearly observations has led me to surmise that New Year resolutions simply do not work. I think this is likely due to people forcing themselves into trying to accomplish goals they think they ought to do rather than desiring to simply do them. For example, there is a huge difference between needing to lose weight versus wanting to lose weight. The same applies to chocolate cake; I have to go without versus it's not proper fuel for my body. You see, it ultimately comes down to a lifestyle change. You either truly want to or you don't. At one time I was an overweight smoker who enjoyed eating fatty fried sugary foods while watching two DVDs a night. Then one day I simply grew tired of my lifestyle and made the simple little decision to do something about it. Over the next several years I made some little changes along the way that eventually ballooned into a huge lifestyle change for me. With grit determination I was able to quit smoking before gradually changing my eating habits without any diet plans involved. I began to participate in some menial outdoor activities which eventually led me into the gym to improve my physical condition. Before long I grew tired of the gym and fell back in love with the running of my youth. It wasn't much longer after that when I suddenly found myself training for my first marathon. I have sense graduated to running the trails and cannot seem to stop running through the Eastern Kentucky mountains. You see, my lifestyle change was not born on a New Year resolution, but instead it developed from a genuine desire to simply change. There was no special formula, just a simple step by step approach that gradually got me to where I am today. Happy New Year!

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