Friday, January 24, 2014

Love where you are at

Kentucky is an amazing state, err, Commonwealth. It is no surprise out of all Kentucky has to offer that I enjoy the scenery the most. There is just something the way a huge crag of limestone looms over the tops of bur oak trees that truly takes my breath away. There is something to be said about following a winding creek along the valley floor and discovering a gem of cascading water as if it were welcoming you to Kentucky. The meadow ponds surrounded by bluegrass is truly a site to behold, but the welcoming and farewell of each day presents a canvas that would make Michael Angelo himself jealous. Kentuckians by and far are truly a breed all of their own, kindhearted and thoughtful traditionalist, but not without problems of their own. You see, of all the places I have lived I have fallen in love with Kentucky the most. It's not so much of a geographical location as much as it is loving where I am at in life. I have lived in questionable areas and in places of sheer sweltering heat, and now I reside in the great commonwealth of Kentucky. The one thing I have learned over the years was that wherever I happened to be living at the time, well, there I was. Sounds funny I know, but what I mean is that a new location never made anything better like one would think. A new neighborhood with new friends at a new job would surely make things a whole lot better, but it never did. How come? Well, because whenever I arrived at a new location my problems were soon to follow. Why? Because I was there. The change needed to be within me and not my geographical location. It basically comes down to the art of living life. Life is precariously unpredictable capable of dishing out both the good and the bad all in the same day, but the question is whether you will allow life to beat you down or embrace the good with the bad. You see, life is an adventure worth the living and there is nothing standing in your way to experience it right now right where you are at. You see, for me every moment is a memory in the making, an opportunity to engage in life, and I dare not waste it.

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