Saturday, January 18, 2014

Darn Tough Socks

I am not endorsed by Darn Tough Socks nor am I being compensated to write this post. I am just an average endurance athlete who just loves to run. I run not for the competition but for the adventure. I average about 40 miles a week running around the eastern Kentucky mountains. The terrain here can be very technical at times and the last thing I need to be worrying about are my feet, so I basically require a top notch combo of trail shoes and socks to meet my running needs. After discovering the right shoe for me I toyed for years on discovering the right sock, which basically led to me to settle for an adequate sock. On a recent trip into the city I visited an outfitters store where the sales clerk highly recommended Darn Tough socks, and at $15 a pop I skeptically purchased two pairs. The next day I ran 12 miles and immediately fell in love with these socks, but the real test would be over time. It has now been two months and 328 miles later and I am a firm believer that Darn Tough socks are hands down the best sock on the market. No kidding! They are marvelous at wicking away moisture and they have an amazingly snug fit, which basically means no blisters or hot spots. Toe seams? None. Cushion in the right areas? Yes. Breathability? Of course! No questions asked lifetime guarantee? You got it! Synthetic materials? Nope, they're made of merino wool. Worried about that? Don't be. They are truly an amazing sock well worth the money. Run on my friend...

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