Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a side of life

Snowfall had blanketed the bluegrass once again and was accompanied by some blustery winds. These were not the most favorable conditions for a trail run, yet I still managed to trudge along making tracks through the snow for nine miles. There was the initial realization that running in four plus inches of snow was going to be difficult, and then the beauty of the morning settled in. Every tree stood in stark contrast against this ocean of white and the skies were the deepest blue I had ever seen. I jumped over frozen creeks while listening to the trees creak in the wind like old joints in desperate need of oiling. I noticed as I approached one of the frozen creeks a small sparrow came out from underneath the ice and flew away, which was a peculiar beauty all of its own. The snow became deeper the further I made my way up the mountain, which as you can imagine, made my trek more difficult. My efforts were not without reward with the beauty that awaited for me at the top; the view of our small artisan town covered with snow was breathtaking. What a wonderful adventure this was to run through the snow on a cold wintery morning. There I was doing what others would never dare, embracing the opportunity to experience life from a different angle. You see, this is a rare world with plenty of opportunities for each of us to experience, and no, I'm not talking about watching the Grammy's. Life is often found on the fringes of those places and activities most would never dare to tread. It was there on the side of that mountain with the cold winds whipping across my face as I trudged through what was now six inches of snow that I got to experience the raw side of life. Being alone with the challenges of the elements had brought a sense of urgency for me to press on in hopes of discovering a side of life few ever find. This was an indescribable moment strangely wrought with emotions, and as I crested the mountain I instinctively knew I had silently met with life face to face.

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