Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Nights

The next leg of my journey is running a marathon trail run at the Land Between the Lakes in western Kentucky. Thus far it has been quite a journey of experiences. The shorter daylight hours of winter has led me with no choice but to run the local trails at night. This particular experience has been surprisingly exhilarating for me. At first the silence of the trails at night were eerie until I discovered the serenity this nighttime silence offered. On one occasion I even had the opportunity to run the night trails in the snow, which had a wonder and beauty all of its own. Snowflakes were falling like stars in the light of my headlamp as the forest floor glistened beneath my feet. The apex of this experience was found as I reached the crest of my mountain climb. The air was crisp and the silence was deafening as the snow clung to the branches of fir trees producing a winter wonderland. I was stunned with the inexpressible beauty of this moment that ended with a level of gratitude that it is an honor and privilege to be alive on this planet.

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