Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Hate Fitness

Yes, I hate fitness. Now don't me wrong, I do maintain an overtly active lifestyle just so I can participate in the activities I want to do. What I particularly do not like about fitness is the mindless pursuit of building up non-functional muscles; basically, fitness today is mostly about "look-at-me" rather than for functionality purposes. I despise the gym factor the most, especially the dredmill because it does not truly simulate running (at least not in the way of truly pushing off the ground with forward momentum). Also, there is little sense for me in men gawking at spandex while trying to bulk up on machines, so I prefer to head outdoors and do body weight movements to improve my strength and agility for my activities (push ups, pull ups, crunches, burpees). What I also hate is nutrition. Again, don't get me wrong, I do maintain healthy eating habits in order to properly fuel my body for the activities I want to engage in, but what I do despise are all the trendy vegan paleo diets out there. I personally do not think eating oriental white chia seeds will help improve anything that eating good ole fruits & vegetables and lean meats will. Yes, I am aware of all the nutritional arguments out there and my rebuttal is 26.2. You see, I can careless about fitness & nutritional trends much less what everyone else is doing. I simply crank out 13+ miles on a mountainside for my own enjoyment and not because it is good for me to exercise. I eat properly not because it is good for me, but because it fuels my body to help me engage in such activities. You see, for me it is just a lifestyle with the sole purpose of going out and enjoying life to the fullest on my own terms. Thats it. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I Hate Facebook

I hate Facebook. In my observations I have discovered people are basically wasting their lives away in it's glowing blue light. People vicariously live their lives thumbing through insignificant posts of another who is enjoying their chili cheese fries while watching their kid blow milk bubbles out their nose. Now thats what I call living it up! So I recently asked a Facebook user what life adventure they aspire to engage in at some point of their life. They mentioned about going to see the Grand Canyon and other similar type activities, which are awesome in their own rite, but they were all hopeful contingencies that may or may not ever transpire. Then they asked in return what adventures I would like to engage in. My response? I am living my adventure right now! I have ditched Facebook altogether by closing my account in exchange for a life adventure away from the couch. My current life adventure is running through mountain ranges in preparation for Spartan Racing ( The experience of running along rock ledges is incomparable to that of living life from the couch. The mountaintop views are far better than any of those from the couch, even if they are in HD, and it is far more exhilarating rounding a bend in the woods and literally coming face to face with a deer than it is to read another post about what someone else is watching on TV. Basically, life is just way too short to waste on Facebook and my life adventure is now. Therefore I dare not waste.