Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why I Run

I am often asked why I run, so let me start with the reasons why I don't run (I'm not sure if that fully makes any sense). Anyways, I do not run for health reasons, though that is a nice side benefit. I do not run because it is a part of some workout schedule, or because I have to. I do not run to get into or to stay in shape. You see, whenever I run it is like the world cannot catch me; running is much like a way of escape for me on many levels. Running for me is that moment when I get to chase down those proverbial demons and smash them to smithereens, so I guess you can say running is a great outlet for me to mull through my thoughts on the big life questions as well as the details of my daily life. Yes, running is therapeutic in so many ways, but the real reason why I run is simply because I enjoy it. Everything on my run culminates together into a wonderful experience that reminds me I am still alive and well here on planet earth, therefore I run.

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