Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Seeing Life as an Adventure

I acknowledge that my previous posts read like excerpts from a book; admittedly they were actually bits and pieces from a makeshift book I had been working on. I only posted those excerpts as a means of sharing my outlook on life, which has become the catalyst for my adventures. Let me clarify up front that I am not one of those adrenaline thrill seekers who jumps off cliffs on the weekends, but a regular type of individual who simply sees all of life as an adventure. What type of life adventures do I get myself into from time to time?  I had unexpectedly went rock repelling one day and had the thrill of experiencing my heart racing and stopping at the same time. I enjoy backpacking into the backwoods of Kentucky along traversing over mountains; in fact, I even got married on a mountaintop. I often find myself running long distances because of my curiosity of always wanting to know where a road or pathway leads to. My love of running led me to complete a marathon and now I am involved with obstacle racing (Spartan Races to be more specific). There was even a time when I engaged in public poetry reading; yes, hanging out with a room full of poets is an adventure. This is my life, as ordinary as I see it, its just that I enjoy engaging in a good challenge from time to time. My willingness to share was catapulted by others persuading me to do so therefore I shall.

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