Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Plenty of time for life to be too short

There is a way we can approach our lives and find the meaning in them that we desire. Try taking a different look at life as you typically know it today. Think for a moment about the vastness of 4 billion years. That is exactly 1,460,968,795,125 days. Now that is a whole lot of time! During that time a lot of activity transpired producing many different changes in our development. Look for a moment at just the past 2.6 million years, which is 949,630,000 days. During that vast amount of time we have advanced from using stone tools to sending people into outer space with little computers in their pockets. It is easy to conclude at this point that life is pretty grand. Now take a look at your time on planet earth. Statistically speaking, the average 
person has the potential of living approximately 80 years, which is only 29,219.4 days. The average person will sleep away 26.4 years of those 80 years shorting their waking hours down to a mere 19,577 days. Now toss in the no guarantee clause where tomorrow can deliver an unforeseeable and unfortunate life ending event, which can eliminate a significant number of days to those 80 years. At this point it is easy to conclude that in the whole grand scheme of everything life for us is just way too short. So here we stand against all odds living a life that will theoretically end in the blink of an eye, and yet many of us will waste most of it squabbling about insignificant idiosyncrasies that really do not amount to much. Instead, we ought to embrace and cherish each day before it passes us by, because once any particular day is spent, you can never get it back. Whenever we begin seeing our days in this particular view it should spark us to start focusing on what matters most to us. 

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