Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am not normal

I am not the least bit normal according to today's standards. I love to be active and engage in activities most people prefer to avoid. I steer clear of donuts, soda pop and fast food. Instead of watching a two hour movie I prefer to run for two hours. I am not the type of person who watches sports but I am that crazy person you see running everywhere all the time while wondering how in the hell he got to the other side of town so quickly. You see, I actually enjoy running double digit miles, especially on the trails and up the side of mountains. When I was at work the other day someone asked me if I actually ran the local pinnacle trail range, which is a local hiking hotspot with an initial steep climb that almost always whoops everyone's behind. Anyways, when I told him yes he gave me a bewildered look while asking me how many miles I normally run up at the pinnacles, which I told him right now is typically 7 or 8 miles. His next comment confirmed my suspicion that I am definitely not normal when he asked, "And you do this for fun?!" Replying with a broad smile on my face I said, "Yes I do." 

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