Saturday, August 24, 2013

Enjoying Life

Now is the time to start enjoying life. A good place to start is to stop looking for the bad in life and start looking for the good instead. Start by waking up each morning greeting the day with an enthusiastic hello and realize that, yes, each day brings a level of uncertainty. Then ready yourself to embrace whatever comes your way and decide to make the very best of every situation, even if you're facing your so-called everyday mundane schedule. Remind yourself every morning that each moment the day brings is an opportunity for experiencing life; remember, today could be your last day to experience life as we know it.The essence of truly enjoying life is to find what you love. When you discover what you love life will become worth the living. This applies in all avenues of life whether it is a person, a job, a hobby, or your family. It does not matter if it is the love of writing, bike riding, or astronomy, if there is no love in any area of your life you will certainly drink from the well of frustration, pain, and misery. Don't waste your time doing something you hate, or staying with someone you have a distain for! Life is way too short to waste it otherwise. When we discover what we love, and focus our energy on such things, we will experience a level of contentment beyond measure. When we are content in life we will begin enjoying life.

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